Wednesday, September 29, 2010

...more about broth and tonights dinner

The veggie broth made 14 cups of broth. I ended up blending some of the veggies, so my chicken and veggie broths are not clear but smell delicious and I think they are packed full of flavor, I cant wait to taste a meal using them.

I found beef bones for the broth. They carry them at most stores in the meat section. Mine were wrapped up just like any other piece of meat. So I bought them and took them home and they are now cooking away along with some veggies. The recipe says to let cool then strain the fat off after it congeals and pick the veggies and bones out. I wonder if it will be easier to get the fat out with the bones already I may strain it before I let it cool. Ill keep ya posted on how that turns out tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was my own creation. Using my 4quart crock, I cooked enough rice for 4 people, I used a spanish rice. I also added about a half a cup of salsa. After the rice was mostly cooked (took about an hour on high, in the crock pot) I added a can of drained black beans and the chicken.I took the chicken from carcass I used for the chicken broth. Then I let it sit on low until we were ready to eat, about 3 hours. It was a big hit...I dont think my husband even really enjoyed the flavor as he inhaled them. Our dinner guests really liked the tacos. (you can use corn tortillas or rice tortillas over wheat to make the meal Gluten free) The filling can be eaten by itself with a little sour cream and cheese, YUM!!! The chicken was already tender from the first cooking, and was so tender and flavorful after sitting in the spanish rice, black bean combo for hours. This made a lot and I will freeze some and we will be enjoying it this week for lunches.

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