Monday, September 27, 2010

On our way to broth

So my Whole Chicken is done! It was so tender and literally fell right off the bone. As it was cooling, so I could touch it, Hubs started sniffing around and asked what that yummy smell was. He also learned that the lid to the crockpot gets hot. Yes I replied, 8 hours of heat will do that to a lid ;) I took all the bones out and put them in a bowl then took all the chicken out and put it in a storage container for later (for my chicken tacos). I also took any pieces that I didnt like the look of and put them in the bone bowl. I left the juices in the crock and then added the bones back into the crock and the rest of the ingredients. It is set on low and in the morning it will be ready, well almost. It has to cool and I have to pick the bones out aka the carcass (what a weird word). Then I will blend whats left into yummy brothiness! I am sure that I will never use those little dehydrated broth cubes again. The smell of the homemade broth is so yummy.


  1. Ooh Court I am so jealous! Your family gets to eat some fantastic foods. Love the look of the blog!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! Welcome to the bloggy world! :)


  3. yum. I want to use my crock pot more too. I love everything I make in it. I've had mine about 18 months and use it once a fortnight, but I'd love to use it more.

    I'll be watching you with interest. :)

  4. wow, I NEED to use my crock pot more....hopefully you'll inspire me to get it out and wipe all the dust off :)

  5. Popping in from the Tuesday Blog Hop!
    Your site sounds yummy...

    and it looks like you have only just begun!

  6. Cool stuff! We are dropping in from the Tuesday hop! I really need to start using my crock pot! I always intend to .. but I am a procrastinator. Doesn't work out with crock pot meals, lol!

    Thanks for sharing! We are your new followers, visit us any time. We also have a hop on Saturdays!


  7. Dawn- I am a procrastinator too! I am hoping with a little prep work that it wont matter much and I can just throw things in last moment, we will see if it works!

  8. Thanks for visiting my Gluten Free Taste of Home blog!

    Good luck on your new blog! Looking forward to some good GF Crockpot recipes. :)

    You asked me for some tips for you blog... hmmmm... you may want to add a subscribe by e-mail widget to your blog; personally that is my favorite way to keep up to date with the blogs I follow. You can find instructions on the Blogger website.