Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crocktober continues

After my successful chicken meal I thought heck why not experiment some more. So I did another chicken experiment. I am trying to empty my pantry so that I can make everything from scratch so this was a chicken alfredo experiment. I put 3 chicken breasts in the 4qt crock and dumped in a jar of alfredo sauce. Then I let it cook on high for about 4 hours. When I got home I turned it off and then cooked some spaghetti noodles, drained those and then put the noodles into bowls and then topped with the chicken alfredo. I warned hubs I wasn't sure how it would turn out or taste. He took a bite and said it was yummy!!! YAY! I thought the alfredo would get all weird cooking all that time, but it did not and it turned out quite nicely.Oh and my toddler ate it so that is another YAY!!!

My second experiment was with moose meat. I used moose stew meat (could use beef or any other similar game meat), let it cook with 2c veggie broth, 2c beef broth (both broths were some that I had previously made) and the moose meat all day on low then about an hour before it would be done I added mixed veggies and a couple of chopped potatoes. This way they wouldn't be too mushy when it came time to eat them. It turned out well and the moose is nice and tender. Hubs always likes moose meat so I knew this would be an easy success.

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  1. What does moose meat taste like? I eat venison because my dad is a hunter but have never tried moose before!

    I just found your blog through another blog! Have a great night.

    Amanda @